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Digitized Documents of BNRM Well Preserved and Safe from Hacking

The National Library of the Kingdom of Morocco (BNRM) assured Friday that the digitized documents it has are well preserved and safe from hacking, contrary to information relayed by some media following a cyberattack that targeted, in the evening of December 30, the portal of the Library.

In a statement received by MAP, the Library recalled that its online site had repeatedly been the subject of hacking attempts coinciding with the announcement on the edition of the book ”Selective Bibliography of the Moroccan Sahara” and its online availability in digital form to researchers.

The statement said that the IT department of the Library has very quickly, after the discovery of this cyberattack, proceeded to the reactivation of the portal, taking however the precaution of making it temporarily accessible only internally from BNRM and not on the web and this, to better secure it.

It added that the first investigations on the ins and outs of this cyberattack have been carried out in full cooperation with the services responsible for digital security in the Kingdom.

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