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Dakhla: March to Denounce ‘Cowardly Aggression’ against Innocent Citizens in Es-Semara

Dakhla – A march was held in Dakhla on Sunday to denounce the “cowardly terrorist aggression” on innocent citizens in Es-Semara, the spiritual Capital of the Kingdom’s southern provinces.

During the march, participants including representatives of Sahrawi tribes Chioukhs, notables, elected representatives, civil society associations and political parties condemned the “despicable terrorist” aggressions perpetrated by enemies of the Kingdom’s territorial integrity against residential areas in Es-Semara.

Thousands of the inhabitants of Es-Semara and the surrounding area took to the city’s main thoroughfares, waving national flags and denouncing this heinous aggression, while expressing their full solidarity with their fellow citizens in the city.

Participants in the march, who gathered at the Hassan II boulevard in the town center, chanted slogans strongly condemning the serious provocative aggressions that had targeted the city of Es-Semara, reiterating their attachment to the autonomy plan under Moroccan sovereignty, commended and supported by the international community.

They also brandished banners denouncing the “appalling blasts” that targeted innocent civilians, in flagrant violation of international law, and calling on the international community to assume its responsibility to put an end to the provocations of the “polisario” gang, which show the failure of the separatist thesis on the political, diplomatic and military levels.

On this occasion, president of the Dakhla-Oued Eddahab regional Council, El Khettat Yanja, expressed his strong condemnation of the heinous terrorist acts targeting civilians in the city of Es-Smara, affirming that the persistence of these desperate attempts by the “polisario” in the pay of Algeria and the enemies of the Kingdom’s territorial integrity will only reinforce “our unwavering attachment to the Moroccanness of the Sahara, our adherence to the democratic process and our commitment to continue implementing the pioneering development model initiated by HM King Mohammed VI in the southern provinces”.

In this respect, Yanja underlined the constant support enjoyed by the autonomy initiative for the southern provinces under the Kingdom’s sovereignty as the only realistic solution to the artificial conflict over the Moroccan Sahara, and which guarantees the security, stability and development of the region.

For his part, president of the Oued Eddahab provincial Council, Mohamed Salem Hamia, vigorously denounced this criminal act targeting civilians in Es-Smara, noting that it was a desperate attempt to draw the attention of Security Council members and prevent them from moving forward with the efforts of the UN Secretary-General’s personal envoy, Staffan de Mistura.

He also said that these attacks on civilians were “a despicable message” from the “polisario” leadership to the Security Council, adding to the militia’s serious and unacceptable provocations.

President of the Dakhla local council, Raghib Hormat Allah, affirmed that these terrorist acts targeting innocent civilians is “a cowardly act” committed by criminals, which “will not weaken our determination to defend the Moroccan Sahara and to forge ahead on the road to progress and prosperity, mobilized behind HM the King”.

“Any miserable attempt of disruption, any maneuver or propaganda targeting our country is only irrefutable proof that we are on the right path to meet all challenges,” he said, welcoming the political and diplomatic victories achieved by Morocco under the wise leadership of HM King Mohammed VI.

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