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Air transport: Ticket resale soon possible at Royal Air Maroc

Through a partnership with a French startup, Royal Air Maroc (RAM) should launch a new ticket resale service within a few months.

Soon, Royal Air Maroc will allow its passengers the possibility of reselling their ticket, instead of canceling them. It is the specialized site aeronautique.ma, taking up Simplify, another colleague, which announces it in an article published on July 15. “This will be possible thanks to a partnership with Fairlyne, the world’s leading resale platform,” adds the source. According to him, the national company will thus be among the few companies in the world to offer such a service.

On the other hand, some information was given about the company Fairlyne, supposed to accompany RAM in this project. It is a French startup that came out on top in the challenge organized by RAM. This is precisely the “Open Innovation Royal Air Maror challenge“ which had mobilized some 300 startups. “It is the first resale platform allowing airlines and travel agencies to offer an efficient ticket resale experience while generating additional revenue,” writes the source about Fairyline, which on July 12 raised $3 million.

Also according to the source, Royal Air Maroc has partnered with Fairlyne to set up the resale service in the next three to six months. It will allow its non-refundable customers to sell their tickets on the company’s direct channels, preventing them from losing all their money if the ticket is not used.

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If we will have to wait for the conditions of use of this solution to measure the spectrum, this initiative proves, to say the least, the agility and flexibility of Royal Air Maroc.

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