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Morocco Joins Discussion on Shaping Future of Sustainable Education

Dubai- Elmahjoub Dasaa


A high-level meeting to discuss the partnership for green education has taken place on the sidelines of the ongoing United Nations Climate Summit in Dubai.

Held on Saturday, December 9, 2023, the meeting was attended by numerous prominent leaders, officials in the educational sector, and ministers worldwide, including the Minister of Nation Education of Morocco. The meeting aimed to work towards shaping the future of sustainable education.

“This meeting constituted an opportunity to mobilize and activate a network of international actors involved and committed to developing the capabilities of young people in the field of sustainable development and sharing pedagogical approaches, best practices, relevant solutions, and innovations, in addition to topics related to financing,” said Chakib Benmoussa, Morocco’s Minister of National Education, Primary Education, and Sports.

Participants used the opportunity to discuss the inclusion of sustainable education in educational curricula worldwide and ways to enhance access to green education resources in educational systems.

The speakers shared the best practices adopted by various parties to advance the fundamental role of education in the sustainability agenda.

They also exchanged views on mobilizing global resources and building partnerships to reach effective mechanisms for moving forward and unifying efforts to create the necessary momentum to reimagine the future of education and its key role in addressing the most pressing challenges facing humanity.

“This initiative falls within the dynamic launched by UNESCO and the “Partnership for Green Education,” about the compatibility of the educational system with the goals of sustainable development,” stated the senior Moroccan government official.

He stressed that this compatibility necessarily passes through real awareness of future generations on the issues related to sustainable development to achieve their involvement and commitment.

Mr. Benmoussa said that the educational challenge lies in enabling learners to form an informed opinion surrounding these complex issues while allowing them to choose prevention, mitigation, or treatment. He noted that it is only possible to advance the culture of sustainable development by promoting the inclusion of environmental citizenship in school curricula and school life and with educational institutions committing to transforming them into appropriate spaces for applying these concepts and realizing them on the ground.

The Minister concluded that raising and educating children requires anticipating future challenges, preparing them to face them, and contributing positively to shaping the world for which they will be responsible, stressing that “this new way of seeing the world is also a new way of seeing ourselves and creating a relationship with others.”

Mr. Benmoussa stressed that the Kingdom of Morocco expresses its engagement in the announcement of the joint education and climate change program and previously expressed its readiness to share its experiences and best practices within the framework of strong bilateral and multilateral cooperation.



This article was produced as part of the 2023 Climate Change Media Partnership (CCMP) program, a journalism fellowship organized by Internews’ Earth Journalism Network and the Stanley Center for Peace and Security.



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