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7th Casablanca Smart City: Smart city, towards sustainable metropolitan transitions

Casablanca Events and Animation organizes the seventh edition of the flagship event of the Metropolis The “Casablanca Smart City”, on June 7 and 8, 2023 at the Hyatt Regency. This year, it will be placed under the theme “City Smart, towards sustainable metropolitan transitions”.

Casablanca Smart City is a unifying, participative and collaborative project which is an integral part of the Wecasablanca attractiveness approach with the main objective of making the city a real exchange platform at the Intercontinental level; With Asia and Latin America, close to Africa in terms of demography in particular, but also with North America and Europe, faithful to the tradition of openness to the world.

This seventh edition of the “Casablanca Smart City” will be organized in the form of an agora and showcases in order to present concrete Smart City solutions through projects, programs, solutions and metropolitan transformation mechanisms. It aims to present projects, systems, policies and concrete programs on the advances in terms of the Smart City. This is also an opportunity for businesses, innovators, startups, and local governments to present their innovations in transitions from current cities and metropolitan areas to intelligent, holistic and empirical cities.

“Given current urban challenges and rapid urbanization, resolutions on transition to intelligent cities require innovative approaches that favor inclusion, social equity and environmental sustainability while integrating technologies adopted at the level global by smart cities. It is in this logic that we have chosen to highlight the theme of sustainability this year, “said Mr. Mohamed Jouahri, CEO of Casablanca Events and Animation.

This event will expose SMART solutions adapted to the needs and experiences of citizens to meet the unique challenges faced by rapid metropolization. Casablanca is the case. The players in this transition as well as large technology and infrastructure companies will be invited to meet the requirements for upgrading major cities.

During the two days of the event, several themes will be debated by a panel of eminent stakeholders, made up of city actors and high -level national and international experts. These are Smart governance systems, social and community systems, infrastructure systems, Smart service systems, artificial intelligence as well as ecology, the environment and sustainable development.

Casablanca Smart City, an event intended for professionals, it makes it possible to expose, exchange, carry out strategic reflections and propose concrete operational solutions to meet the challenges of the growing urbanization of cities. The event also aims to highlight the know-how and the achievements of the metropolis in this area. In addition to the congress, Casablanca Smart City offers an exhibition space designed as a geographic crossroads between the four continents. This exhibition promotes the connection between order donors, organizations and exhibiting companies. A village dedicated to start-ups will be installed in the exhibition space. It will host young shoots working on the theme of the smart city. Concrete projects of innovative solutions at the service of the city of tomorrow will be presented there.

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