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Gitex Africa Morocco: Schneider Electric participates in the inaugural edition in Marrakech

Schneider Electric, world leader in digital energy solutions and automatisms for energy efficiency and sustainable development, is about to participate in the inaugural edition of the Gitex Africa 2023. This show will be held from May 31 to June 2 , or Schneider Electric will present its latest innovations in sustainable data centers and Edge Computing solutions. The event marks an important step in the mission of the company aimed at stimulating digital economic growth and improving sustainable operations in the Middle East and Africa.

Shape the future: Morocco opens the way to a sustainable energy landscape

Gateway to the African market, hub attracting investors and talents, Morocco is on the way to becoming a center of the digital landscape in full evolution. According to a recent study, the Moroccan Data Centers market is ready to experience substantial growth, reaching $ 328 million, powered by the country’s digital transformation and the expansion of capacity.

“While we are heading to a digital future, it is essential to shape a new efficient, sustainable and safe energy landscape,” said Mouna Essa-Egh, Middle East Vice-President and Africa, Secure Power. »Our participation in Gitex Africa 2023 testifies to our commitment to this objective. We are enthusiastic about the idea of connecting with our partners, our customers and the stakeholders to trace the way for a world fed by electricity 4.0; By rethinking the way we exploit energy in the region and beyond. »»

Action technology

Through the first edition of the Gitex Africa 2023, Schneider Electric highlights, through action, the way technology plays an irreplaceable role in the progress of the Net-Zero agenda. It actively contributes to the transition of energy systems with high carbon intensity to more durable and more resilient energy landscapes.

Schneider Electric takes advantage of digital transformation in the energy sector by integrating IoT, AI and Big Data to improve product performance and make energy use more efficient. Solutions include the use of real -time monitoring and predictive maintenance to reduce energy waste and optimize consumption.

Schneider Electric’s Secure Power Division’s mission is to transform the digital landscape by implementing sustainable energy systems that connect “electric digital” transparent, thus creating effective and environmentally friendly energy solutions. These solutions are designed to meet the challenges of our time and seize the opportunities of this new era of Electricity 4.0, where digitization and electrification converge, fueling a lasting future. During the Gitex show, the division will expose its strategic orientation to exploit these two forces and present its latest solutions and services which associate the most advanced technologies with decades of experience in engineering.

“Schneider Electric has always undertaken to increase his presence in Africa, and we are impatient to present our latest projects, our vision and our ambitions for the region during the Gitex Africa 2023”, added Laurent Roussel, president of the French -speaking Africa cluster & Islands at Schneider Electric. This event represents for us the opportunity to show the real impact of our solutions with key and long -term partners such as Orange, Managem, Dataxion and to strengthen our commitment to the region, by ensuring that we remain at the forefront of the digital economy. “”

Join us at the Gitex Africa 2023

Gitex Africa 2023 will present more than 900 technological companies and startups, more than thirty government delegations, more than 250 global investors, 250 international speakers and tens of thousands of technological executives in more than 100 countries. The themes addressed include the diversification of investments and income flows, the exploitation of artificial intelligence and the automation of blockchain, the intensification of economic growth, the protection of countries against cybercrime, the shaping of The future of the digital economy by the development of software and data science, and success within the Fintech ecosystem.

Schneider Electric invites all delegates to join them on their stand to discover their commitment to innovation, sustainability and green centers in Africa in the first hand.

The Gitex Africa will also know the participation of two stakeholders from Schneider Electric. Natalya Makarochkina, Senior VP, International, Secure Power, and Energy Management Business, will participate in the panel “Driving Esg from the Boardroom”. Mouna Essa-EGH, VP Secure Power Mea will take part in the “Advancing the Net-Zéro Agenda With Technology” panel exploring technologies that allow you to reach a level of net-zero emission worldwide.

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