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“Forsa” program: 1400 funds released for the 2nd edition

Microfinance institutions have released, as part of the second edition of the “Forsa” program, no less than 1,400 financings at the end of last June, according to the Ministry of Tourism, Crafts and the Social and Solidarity Economy.

This figure testifies to the rapid progress of the program in its various key stages, with in particular the completion of the Regional Selection Commissions, indicates the ministry in a press release, specifying that the latter have succeeded in selecting more than 30,000 candidates.

“The ‘Forsa’ program has had a string of successes. After a successful first edition, during which 10,000 project leaders were supported and funded, the 2023 edition is evolving at an even more impressive speed, demonstrating remarkable quantitative and qualitative improvements. Capitalizing on the model put in place in 2022 as well as on the lessons learned, the second edition has reached full cruising speed, only a few months after its launch”, welcomed the ministry.

In terms of support, 23,600 project leaders have benefited from e-learning training and are currently being supported by the program’s incubators, said the same source, noting that this significant progress of the program has spread to Europe. all 12 regions.

From a qualitative point of view, the ministry would like to emphasize the marked improvement observed in the quality of the files received during this edition. This is a testament to the increased engagement and preparedness of candidates, largely thanks to the diverse “Forsa” communities that have emerged since the launch of the program.

These communities facilitated the exchange of experiences among participants, creating an environment conducive to mutual learning and the sharing of good practices. This qualitative evolution demonstrates the growing maturity of entrepreneurs and their commitment to presenting solid and innovative projects.

“We are proud of the work accomplished and the results of this second edition of Forsa. The candidates showed exceptional dynamism and creativity. The projects submitted cover a wide spectrum, ranging from traditional projects to the most innovative initiatives,” said Fatim-Zahra Ammor, Minister of Tourism, Crafts and Social and Solidarity Economy, in charge of the “Forsa” program. .

This diversity testifies to the power of the program in supporting various profiles and projects, argued Ms. Ammor, quoted in the press release.

And to continue: “In this edition, we also place special emphasis on female participation, which shows the commitment of ‘Forsa’ to promote gender equality and actively support women entrepreneurs”.

In the coming months, the “Forsa” program will continue its progress to achieve its objective of supporting 10,000 project leaders to enable them to realize their entrepreneurial dream.

Witness Amira, winner of the first edition and leader of the “Leadvice” project, a strategy consulting agency. “Forsa changed everything. Thanks to the funding, I was able to expand my project and recruit two people. Forsa also allowed me to develop my sense of responsibility. Now I feel responsible for my project and the people working with me,” she said.

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