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King Mohammed VI: ‘Progress Hinges on Women’s Status in Society’

In his speech, on the occasion of the Throne Day commemorates the 23rd anniversary of the king’s ascension to the throne, his majesty King Mohammed VI stressed that this year’s Throne Day comes at a time marked by the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as the impact of the global economic crisis.

The king further highlighted the importance of ensuring social stability and empowering women and families to strengthen the country’s economic development.

He further called for the participation of all Moroccans, men and women, in building a developed and advanced Morocco, emphasizing on “the full participation of Moroccan women in all sectors.”

The king pointed out that since his accession to the Throne, he has been keen to “improve the status of women, open up prospects for their advancement, and enable them to hold their rightful place in society.”

In the past two decades, Morocco has shown its commitment to strengthening women’s representation in all sectors, considering it as a priority step towards combating discrimination, exclusion, and marginalization.

Speaking of the major reforms undertaken in recent years, the monarch recalled the promulgation of the Family Code and the adoption of the 2011 Constitution.

The reforms “enshrines equality between men and women in rights and duties and, consequently, establishes the principle of parity as an objective that the State must seek to achieve,” the king said.

King Mohammed VI clarified that the purpose of the reform is to allow women to “enjoy their legitimate rights under the Act,” reaffirming that in Morocco, “it is no longer possible for women to be deprived of it [their rights].”

“Everyone should understand that giving women their rights does not mean it will be at the expense of men, nor does it mean it will be at the expense of women,” the monarch noted. He reaffirmed that Morocco’s progress hinges on women’s status in society and their effective participation in the development of all sectors.

In his speech, the king further addressed other socio-economic challenges that have been on the rise worldwide, pointing out Morocco’s commitment to improving socioeconomic conditions and tackling the country’s priorities at the regional and international levels.

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