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Government Increases Appropriations Dedicated to National Drinking Water Supply, Irrigation Program

The government has increased the appropriations dedicated to the National Drinking Water Supply and Irrigation Program (PNAEPI) 2020-2027 from MAD 115 billion to MAD 150 billion.

This announcement came in a statement released by the Department of the Head of Government after the third meeting of the Steering Committee of the PNAEPI 2020-2027.

According to the statement, the government “is working to take various measures to remedy the delay in the deployment of a number of projects, in parallel with the launch of studies on new projects that will see the light in the short and medium term.”

“The government has assured, in this context, to accelerate the pace of investments in this area and to strengthen the appropriations dedicated to the program rising from MAD 115 billion to MAD 150 billion,” the same source specified.

In line with the high royal orientations, including those contained in the royal speech on the occasion of the opening of the legislative year, Head of Government Aziz Akhannouch, who chaired the meeting, affirmed the government’s will to accelerate the implementation of the 2020-2027 PNAEPI.

He further stressed the rigor and spirit of responsibility shown by the government against all forms of waste and anarchic exploitation of water resources, reads the department’s statement.

This program has been surrounded by a special interest on the part of the government, which has ensured the acceleration of its implementation pace, in particular as regards the supply of drinking water to citizens, the projects for the interconnection of river basins, as well as the dam projects, the desalination of seawater and the projects for the reuse of treated wastewater.

Akhannouch stressed that ensuring water security, as well as food security, for the benefit of all citizens, “is a challenge that the Government is committed to take up in order to face the water stress that our country is suffering from due to successive years of drought and the scarcity of water resources both on the surface and in the water tables.”

The meeting was devoted to discussing a series of draft resolutions and recommendations, divided into five axes: inter-basin connection, seawater desalination projects, dam construction projects, awareness programs and governance mechanisms, according to the same source.

The Government will present to His Majesty King Mohammed VI all the projects to be implemented, likely to alleviate the impact of water stress on citizens by ensuring the continuity of their drinking water supply and making available to them the necessary water resources for agricultural activities and irrigation, the Head of Government’s Department said.

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