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Abundance, Diversity in National Markets to Meet Demand in Ramadan (Interministerial Commission)

The current supply of consumer products in national markets is abundant and diversified, including those in high demand before and during the holy month of Ramadan, said the high-level inter-ministerial commission to monitor the supply of markets and prices which held, Friday, a meeting at the headquarters of the Ministry of the Interior.

A statement by the Ministry of the Interior issued after the meeting highlighted the mobilization of all government authorities, local authorities, administrative services and institutions concerned, which ensure the monitoring of data and indicators relating to the supply of markets, accompanying and supporting the efforts of all stakeholders among producers, manufacturers, suppliers and distributors, who have been working to schedule and manage production, import, storage and distribution operations in order to meet the requirements of the national market, so as to cover the demand during the current period and the weeks and months to come.

Regarding the state of supply of national markets and according to the updated data presented by officials of ministerial departments and institutions concerned as well as the conclusions of findings and field research conducted in different prefectures and provinces, emphasis was placed on the abundance and diversity of the current supply in the markets of various consumer products.

It was also stressed that the stocks and quantities to be provided and distributed are sufficient to meet demand during the month of Ramadan and the coming months for all food and other commodities, especially those of high demand before and during the holy month.

This enlarged coordination meeting of the Inter-ministerial Commission is part of the preparations for the month of Ramadan and coordination measures at national and territorial levels between ministerial departments and institutions concerned and with economic actors and their representative bodies about the state of supply of markets and prices, and after the implementation of measures decided at government level to strengthen the supply of food and other commodities to the markets of the Kingdom, to limit the rise in prices due to various exceptional circumstances, to reinforce the control operations on the ground in the markets, to face with firmness any form of speculation and price manipulation and the various illegal practices likely to disturb the normal functioning of the markets and to undermine the health and the safety of the citizens, as well as the rights of the consumers and their purchasing power.

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