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Advisor to HM the King Highlights Morocco’s Defense for Women’s Rights

Advisor to His Majesty the King, André Azoulay highlighted, on Thursday in Marrakech, “the coherence and voluntarism of the strategy implemented by Morocco to place women’s rights and assets at the heart of our challenges, our priorities and our ambitions.

“It is with pride and optimism that we have gathered today, under the enlightened and pioneering leadership of His Majesty the King, to measure the progress made, with you, for you, for all of us”, said Azoulay at the opening of the 69th World Congress of Women Entrepreneurs (FCEM).

Azoulay took this opportunity to pay tribute to the Association of Women Entrepreneurs of Morocco (AFEM), “which is full of creative and militant women who are committed without qualms, without frilosity and without demagogy, with lucidity and determination, in favor of the socio-economic empowerment of women.”

Highlighting “the exhilarating pages that women have written in my country for centuries,” Mr. Azoulay recalled that “the history book of the Kingdom is deeply rooted in millennia of sedimentation of the diversity of all civilizations that have forged and nurtured the social modernity of Moroccan society today.”

Azoulay stressed that the choice of Marrakech to host this annual mass, which brings together the largest gathering of women decision-makers and business leaders working in different sectors, “is not insignificant.

“The Moroccan society has the talent, courage and will to build today a society that turns its back, with clarity and determination, to all these regressions, all these archaisms and all these denials of another age that, unfortunately, resurface today all around us,” he concluded.

Organized this year by the Association of Women Entrepreneurs of Morocco (AFEM), the FCCM brings together Ministers, Presidents of regions, Mayors and elected officials, leaders of NGO organizations, economic operators, donors and development cooperation agencies, offering all participants an opportunity for business and investment.

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