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Agreement to Strengthen Artisans’ Financial Inclusion Signed

An agreement aimed at improving the banking of artisans and their support for registration in the compulsory health insurance (AMO) was signed Monday in Rabat by the Ministry of Tourism, Handicrafts and Social Economy and Solidarity, the Attijariwafa Bank group, the House of the craftsman and the Federation of Chambers of Crafts.

Initialled by the Minister of Tourism, Handicrafts and Social and Solidarity Economy, Fatim-Zahra Ammor, the Chairman and CEO of the group Attijariwafa Bank, Mohamed El Kettani, the Director General of the House of Crafts, Tarik Sadik, and the Director of the Federation of Chambers of Crafts, Abdelhakim Hilali, this agreement will allow to set up a specific service offer in favor of 360. 000 artisans registered in the National Register of Crafts (RNA) to promote their accession to AMO.

Under this agreement, artisans will benefit from several packaged services with preferential conditions offered both by the group Attijariwafa Bank and its subsidiary Wafacash.

In this sense, the artisans will benefit from a specific device for facilitating the process of payment of the AMO’s contribution, an offer that also includes a device of free non-financial support through “Dar Al Moukawil”.

Similarly, the Ministry of Tourism, Handicrafts and Social Economy and Solidarity, the House of the artisan and the group Attijariwafa Bank have agreed to implement financial and non-financial support solutions for exporting artisans.

Ammor told the press that this agreement will allow artisans to access banking services on preferential terms, and will also allow them to contribute, and receive their refunds of the AMO more easily.

She also stressed that it will result in the structuring of the sector, which accounts for 7% of gross domestic product (GDP), so that it becomes more competitive at national and international levels, and will also allow artisans to access much easier to international markets.



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