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Arab Inter-Parliamentary Union Blasts EP’s Resolution against Morocco

The Arab Inter-Parliamentary Union (AIPU) on Monday denounced the European Parliament’s (EP) latest resolution against Morocco, pointing to a direct attack on the Kingdom’s judicial sovereignty.

In a statement, the Arab Inter-Parliamentary Union presidency blasted “the accusations and acts of political blackmail exercised by the European Parliament against Moroccan authorities, the latest of which was the issuance of a resolution on January 19, 2023.

The Union rose, in this sense, against the attitude of the European Parliament “which has arrogated to itself the right to judge the Moroccan judiciary by interfering in the internal affairs of a country enjoying its full sovereignty and its legislative and legal independence.”

It also denounced the EP’s approach of politicizing and distorting the facts, and of casting doubt on the legitimacy of Moroccan judicial measures adopted in internal cases that are treated in strict compliance with the principle of the rule of law and the guarantees of a fair trial as universally recognized.

Similarly, the Arab Inter-Parliamentary Union expressed its rejection of “double standards” calling on the European Parliament to refrain from being drawn into false allegations and information devoid of any professionalism and legal evidence.

The Union further pointed out that the legal evidence shows that the people, whose release the European Parliament wants, are involved in human trafficking, sexual assault and exploitation of the vulnerability of people, facts that are criminalized and punished around the world.

In this context, the Union recalled the great strides made by Morocco to ensure the independence of the Prosecutor General’s Office from the executive, as well as from the judicial authority, in accordance with the 2011 Constitution.

The Arab Inter-Parliamentary Union also expressed its constant and permanent solidarity with the Kingdom of Morocco and its support for the dynamics of the reforms carried out, in order to meet the expectations of all citizens and their aspirations for more progress and prosperity in all areas, including that of freedom of opinion, expression, press, and human rights.

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