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Azoulay Calls Morocco Repository of Diversity; One of Kingdom’s Main Assets

Morocco is the repository of the diversity that has nurtured and forged the country and constitutes one of its main assets in the world, stressed, Wednesday in Tetouan, Advisor to His Majesty the King and founding President of the Essaouira-Mogador Association, André Azoulay.

“In the face of all these regressions that surround us, 2023’s Morocco, which has started this glorious march, tells others that we remain more than ever the depositaries of diversity, which has nourished and forged us and which is today one of the main assets of our country in the world,” said Azoulay, who was animating an inaugural conference at the Abdelmalek Essaadi University (UAE) on “the role of Moroccan Jews in enriching the national collective memory.”

“We are at a time and in a community of nations looking for milestones and international institutions investing billions of euros to find that answer to the challenges we have today, which is the possibility of being together when we are different,” stressed the Advisor to His Majesty the King, adding that “the international community needs a compass, and I affirm that that compass is Moroccan.”

Azoulay affirmed that Moroccan society is the fruit of the sum of all civilizations that have found welcome and longevity in our country, noting that Morocco is rich in the convergence and positive fusion of Amazigh, Jewish, Arab-Muslim, Mediterranean and African civilizations.

“We are living a moment of light. What could be more precious, and what could be more modern and more human than accepting difference, and Morocco is a civilization that has never left aside all the civilizations that have nourished, molded and forged our current society,” he said.

“When we have the possibility of adding up all these civilizations, and the others not only cannot do it, but they have a software that is not that of addition, but that of subtraction, while our software is that of true modernity.

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