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Baccalaureate 2023: 245,109 Candidates Passed this Year’s Exams with Success Rate of 59.74%

A total of 245,109 candidates enrolled in public and private education passed the normal session of the 2023 national standardized baccalaureate exam, recording a pass rate of 59.74%, on a par with rates posted prior to the 2019 session, the Ministry of National Education, Preschool Learning and Sports said Monday.

In a statement, the Ministry reported that, of the 245,109 candidates who passed the normal session exams, 142,051 were girls.

The overall number of candidates who passed the baccalaureate increased by 14,000, or 6%, compared with the same session in 2022, while the number of candidates who took the exam raised by 18% this year compared with last year’s session, the same source noted.

The pass rate for this session was 59.74%, on a par with the rates recorded prior to the 2019 session, while the pass rate reached 63.83% for girls and 54.89% for boys.

The number of candidates who obtained a mention, among those enrolled and those not enrolled, reached 127,338, i.e. a rate of 48%, the statement said, adding that the success rate for the international streams of the Moroccan baccalaureate reached 64.94%, compared with 45.48% for the vocational baccalaureate streams.

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