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Coastal and Traditional Fisheries: Value of Marketed Products Up 32% in 2021 – ONP

The value of coastal and traditional fisheries products marketed at halls, industrial fish counters and wholesale fish markets has reached 9.9 billion dirhams in 2021, i.e. a 32% increase compared to the previous year, according to the National Fisheries Office (ONP).

In volume, these products have reached 1,523,219 tonnes, up 3%, according to a statement by the ONP Board of Directors, which met Friday under the chairmanship of the Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries, Rural Development and Water and Forests, Mohamed Sadiki.

The volume of products marketed at the 1st sale amounted to 1,332,765 tonnes for a value of 9.11 billion dirhams, showing a 3% growth in volume and 36% in value compared to 2020.

This increase is mainly due to the effect of the post-Covid recovery and the significant increase in the average selling price of octopus (+52%), the ONP said.

This achievement has concerned coastal and traditional fisheries, whose sales value has increased by 25% and 66% respectively.

In terms of financial performance, the ONP achieved in 2021 a net income of 10.45 million dirhams, an 8% increase compared to the 2020 fiscal year.

During its meeting, the ONP Board of Directors approved the management report as well as the annual accounts of the office for the year 2021.

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