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Compact II of MCA-Morocco Program: “Industrial Land” Activity Report Presented in Rabat

The activity report of the “Industrial Land” implementation under the “Compact II” program was presented at a seminar held Monday in Rabat, attended by the Minister of Industry and Trade, Ryad Mezzour.

With a budget of about 128.6 million dollars, the “Industrial Land” activity aims to support the government in the design, deployment and promotion of a new model for planning, development, revitalization and management of industrial zones, meeting market needs and emphasizing the public private partnership (PPP) and the promotion of environmental and social sustainability.

This seminar was an opportunity for the various stakeholders, including the Ministry of Industry and Trade, to welcome the significant results achieved under the three components of the activity “Industrial Land”, to discuss lessons learned and best practices identified, to promote the sustainability of achievements and duplication of approaches tested in the pilot projects.

Thus, the “Technical Assistance” component, implemented in partnership with the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), was marked mainly by the support provided to the Ministry in preparing the draft law No. 102.21 on the development, management and valorization of industrial zones and the deployment of a capacity building program for stakeholders concerned with the industrial land.

A total of 12 thematic modules related to the different stages of creating and exploiting industrial zones have been developed, digitized in interactive tutorials and put online in a public way, in addition to six didactic tools and knowledge products have also been produced to promote learning.

This component has also focused on developing and launching the new electronic platform dedicated to the industrial land in Morocco (https://www.industrial-estate.gov.ma/) and the realization of the diagnosis of 114 industrial zones in Morocco totaling more than 10,400 Ha and the recommendation of action plans to improve their overall performance.

In addition, the implementation of the “Pilot Sites” component will strengthen the supply of industrial land in the Casablanca-Settat Region through the rehabilitation, extension or construction of 3 industrial parks in a PPP model, totaling an area of 136 ha and should eventually house 500 companies for a total estimated investment of $ 486 million and generate 27,000 direct jobs.

In addition to the mobilization by the public party of a land rehabilitated and connected to the infrastructure off-site achieved, (drinking water, electricity and sanitation networks, wastewater treatment plants, hydraulic works, access roads … ), the revitalization of existing areas, the progress of work in-site extension of the industrial area of Bouznika and the entry into force of PPP agreements on the development, marketing and management of industrial parks Had Soualem and Sahel Lakhyayta were the main highlights of this component.

On the other hand, the assessment of the implementation of the third component of the “Industrial Land” activity reports the support by the Fund for Sustainable Industrial Zones (FONZID), under its first edition, 9 projects aimed at improving governance, sustainability and social inclusion of industrial zones, totaling an investment of 80 million dollars, including a contribution of project holders of about 46 million dollars and should generate eventually 57,000 job opportunities.

The investment made it possible to set up a land offer of 100 ha serviced and equipped, 71 industrial buildings with a total area of 47,000 m2 and buildings covering a total area of 20,000 m2 dedicated to services offered to companies and employees (one-stop shops, business centers, catering, health services, transport, training and job search areas, nurseries).

The seminar was attended by the Director General of the Millennium Challenge Account-Morocco (MCA-Morocco), Malika Laasri, and the Resident Director of the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) in Morocco, Carrie Monahan.


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