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Conference in Paris on Morocco as Regional Hub between Europe and Africa

A conference on “Morocco: Regional hub at the heart of the Europe-Africa relationship” was organized Sunday in Paris, as part of the 26th edition of the Forum Horizons Morocco (FHM), the main recruitment fair for students and professionals from Morocco and abroad interested in the Kingdom.

The conference marking the closing of the forum was attended by a host of experts including political scientist Abdelmalek Alaoui, author of the book “The Time of Morocco.”

The event was an opportunity to highlight the great potential of the Kingdom to establish itself as a hub and a link between its natural extension in Africa and Europe.

On this occasion, Alaoui noted that the Kingdom, the most liberal country in the southern shore of the Mediterranean, is poised to become a “new power” in many areas such as automotive, aerospace, and remote services, thanks to several factors such as its political and institutional stability, its reforms and its strengths in many areas.

The speaker stressed the need for Europe to overcome the “ambiguity” in its relationship with Africa and promote a fair distribution of benefits through the creation of added value and mutually beneficial investments on the continent.

Morocco, under the enlightened leadership of His Majesty King Mohammed VI, has constantly affirmed and demanded an equal to equal dialogue between Europe and Africa, Alaoui said, highlighted the need to put in place plans to retain African talent on their continent while abandoning the official development assistance approach in favor of a vision focused on in-country investment.

According to the political scientist, Morocco wants to share its experience and contribute to the development of Africa within a win-win partnership.

By history and economic exchanges, Morocco has a “strong” relationship with Europe, he recalled, stressing that the Kingdom has the ambition to renew its bilateral relationship with the European Union “so that it can best serve its position and its vision of its future,” especially on the issue of its territorial integrity.

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