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Economy Minister Says Social Protection Generalization Has Taken Important Steps

The implementation of the royal project relating to the generalization of social protection has taken important steps, said Economy and Finance Minister Nadia Fettah Alaoui on Friday in Casablanca.

Speaking at a National Social Security Fund (CNSS) meeting, Fettah Alaoui welcomed the progress made in this strategic project, thanks to the involvement of all in the development of relevant laws and decrees, and to CNSS management’s efforts.

Fettah Alaoui also recalled that the government is committed, within the framework of social dialogue, to reduce the conditions for receiving the old age pension from 3,240 days of affiliation to 1,320 days and to allow insured persons, who have reached the legal retirement age and have less than 1,320 days of affiliation, to recover the share of employee and employer contributions.

The government is also determined to implement the decree on the revaluation of the level of retirement pensions in the coming days, she added, stressing the need to strengthen the legal arsenal, the legislative system and the governance framework relating to the CNSS.

The Minister noted that this second session of the Board of Directors of the CNSS in 2022 is an opportunity to review the balance sheet of the Fund for the previous year, reporting “positive” achievements in 2021 thanks to the efforts of the general management of the CNSS and the decisions taken by the Board of Directors.

In this sense, Fettah Alaoui recalled the achievements of the general scheme during the past year, with an increase in the number of employees declared to 3.49 million (+5.4%) and the number of affiliates to nearly 294,000 reporting companies (+8.7%).

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