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Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Eight Would-be Immigrants Found Dead in Tarfaya (Local Authorities)

Eight would-be immigrants were found dead on Monday after the capsizing of their inflatable boat near the coastal strip of Akhfennir commune, at the level of the mouth of the “Nâaila” lake, on the Atlantic Ocean, according to the authorities of the province of Tarfaya.

The local authorities and security have arrested, after a sweep in the area, 18 would-be immigrants from sub-Saharan Africa, who were among the passengers of the boat that capsized, the same source added.

The eight bodies were deposited in the morgue of the regional hospital of Laayoune, while a judicial inquiry was opened by the services of the Royal Gendarmerie under the supervision of the public prosecutor office to determine the circumstances of the organization of this illegal immigration operation, the source noted.

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