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Exceptional Subsidy: Nearly MAD 1.4 Bln Paid to Road Transport Professionals

A sum of about 1.4 billion dirham has been paid so far to road transport professionals, as part of the exceptional subsidy allocated to them by the government following the increase in fuel prices, said Thursday in Rabat, Minister Delegate in charge of Relations with Parliament, Government Spokesman, Mustapha Baitas.

“The government has paid, so far, nearly 1.4 billion dirhams under the first and second phases of the exceptional subsidy dedicated to road transport professionals, as well as the third phase which is still in its early stages,” said Baitas who was answering questions from journalists at a press briefing after the weekly meeting of the Government Council.

Nearly 180,000 vehicles have benefited from the said subsidy during these various stages, he said.

“The prices on the basis of which the initial value of the subsidy was determined have increased significantly,” he added.

The government had launched this operation to support the professionals of road transport in order to preserve the purchasing power of citizens, given the current situation, marked by the continued rise in fuel prices.

Thus, professionals have benefited twice from the support allocated according to categories, during the year 2022.

The rate of beneficiaries of the exceptional subsidy dedicated to professionals in the road transport sector has reached, during the first two phases, 90 and 85% respectively, while it reached 20% during the third phase which is still in its early stages.

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