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Fawzi Al-Najah .. Green hydrogen is making radical changes in the world of cars

The second session of the International Conference on Industrial Energies, yesterday, Monday, July 4th, in Casablanca, witnessed the participation of prominent figures in the field of renewable energies, under the slogan: Removing carbon is a lever for a competitive industry.

Among the participants, Fawzi Al-Najah, CEO and founder of Nanex, shared his knowledge of the latest developments in renewable energies such as green hydrogen, after his successful experience with the new Namx car.

Al-Najah said, “It is very rare to see brands that existed only 5 years ago and managed to take the place of leaders and pioneers in a very short time. These things are in the history of cars. But in 5 or 6 years, or even 10 years, the automotive world as it was formed by the leaders we know today will no longer be the same because of the demands of 2035.”

The founder and CEO of Nanix stated that choosing green hydrogen in the design of the first SUV comes in interaction with the requirements of the current time, as it means maintaining development and choosing sustainable mobility, relying on renewable energies.

During his intervention, Al-Najah touched on the importance of green hydrogen and its new invention after it dazzled the world with a new brand, which will give car lovers a carbon-free car, noting that Namekish redesigned the car from scratch. “Five years ago, we redesigned everything with my team,” he said.

The founder of Namex, pointed out that green hydrogen today has become a real thing that should not be lost not only for vehicles, but also for the sake of preserving the environment.

The same interventionist stressed: “Hydrogen cars are targeting the African continent, but the Kingdom is the first target, as it turns out that Morocco has a special place and is the first in the Mediterranean region in terms of renewable energy.”

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