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French Media: Religious and Cultural Coexistence, Trademark of Morocco

Morocco has shaped a model of religious and cultural coexistence that makes it its “trademark”, writes the French magazine “L’Hémicycle”.

“Without question, Morocco occupies a special place in the Arab world. It is the only Muslim country to recognize in its Constitution its Hebrew tributaries. With a Jewish community (…), the Kingdom has shaped a model of religious and cultural coexistence that is its trademark,” the publication says on its website.

Under the title ”Morocco or stability in motion”, the author of the article notes that ”in Morocco more than anywhere else, something essential for dialogue in the Middle East is being played out, demonstrating that it is possible to be an Arab country committed to Palestine and a two-state solution, while assuming a relationship with Israel, renewed and relieved of its dogmatism.

The resumption of diplomatic relations between Morocco and Israel at the end of 2021 (…) is part of an autonomous approach, since it consists of continuing to affirm the right of Palestinians to enjoy a country with Jerusalem as its capital, while resuming dialogue with Israel, thus allowing some 700,000 Israelis of Moroccan origin to reconnect with their country of origin,” explains the editorialist.

“L’Hémicycle” indicates, moreover, that in addition to its singular positioning in the concert of nations, Morocco now aims to become an “African dragon”, with a substantial economic and industrial base as well as an important continental ambition.


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