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French Pundit Says ‘polisario’ Is ‘Criminal’, ‘Dangerous’ Organization for Regional Security

The ”polisario” is a “criminal” and “dangerous” organization for the regional security of North Africa, underlines the French expert in geopolitical strategies, Jérôme Besnard, in an article published in the media “causeur.fr”.

“The +polisario+ is still involved in various forms of trafficking in the desert, thus contributing to destabilizing the Saharan region”, points out the political scientist.

Opponents tortured, child soldiers paraded, basic rights trampled underfoot: the list of misdeeds committed by +polisario+ against the inhabitants of the Tindouf camps is long, as NGOs regularly testify before the 4th Committee of the United Nations in New York, he said in this article published online on the website of the French monthly, under the title “Front polisario: cinquante ans de crimes et de supercheries” (“Polisario Front: fifty years of crimes and deceptions”).

According to the expert, this “paramilitary structure, tainted by corruption, retains its power to cause harm thanks to Algeria’s support,” arguing that no-one can dispute Algeria’s “constant” support for the separatist movement, this “relic of the Cold War”.

He added that the separatists’ misappropriation of humanitarian aid, mainly from Europe, “has been confirmed by reports from the European Union and the UN,” while Algerian financial aid enables the “polisario” dignitaries to ensure a substantial lifestyle.

Highlighting the autonomy plan proposed by the Kingdom as a definitive solution to the Moroccan Sahara question, the French expert highlighted the support this initiative has steadily grown, notably from the United States.


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