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Government Council Adopts Draft Decree on Supporting Fund for Modernization of Public Administration, Digital Transition and Use of Amazigh

The Council of Government adopted Thursday the draft decree 2.23.245 which determines the forms and modalities of payment, distribution of aid from the Fund for Modernization of Public Administration and support for digital transition and use of Amazigh.

Presented by the Minister for Digital Transition and Administrative Reform, this draft decree is part of the implementation of the strategic vision for digital transition, administrative reform and use of the Amazigh language, the government spokesman, Mustapha Baitas, said at a press briefing after the council.

This project also comes under Article 18 of the Finance Act 50.22 for the fiscal year 2023 which determines the resources and expenditures of the Fund for the modernization of public administration and support for digital transition and use of the Amazigh, added Baitas.

The text aims to establish a funding framework incentive to all actors (government, local authorities, public institutions, private sector, associations, cooperatives, foundations and training institutes) and parties involved in the implementation of the digital transformation, modernization of public services and the use of Amazigh, offering financial support in the form of contributions or grants, he explained.

The funding framework takes the form of either funding agreements after prior review by a competent ministerial committee or direct agreements, and this to implement the reform sites and programs relating to the simplification and digitization of administrative procedures, he continued.

This approach also aims to support the administrative deconcentration, strengthen good governance and the use of the Amazigh language in public administration, digitize the administration and support the economy and digital inclusion, according to the Minister.

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