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Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Guterres Confirms Absence of any Status for Polisario at UN

In his latest report to the Security Council on the Moroccan Sahara, UN Secretary-General António Guterres has once again clearly underlined, leaving no room for ambiguity, that the “polisario” has no official status at the United Nations.

In his report, Guterres refers twice to the “polisario representative in New York” and in no way to a so-called “representative to the United Nations”.

The UN report clearly demonstrates that neither this armed group nor its “representatives” enjoy any status or “representation at the UN”, which is exclusively for sovereign member states, not for armed separatist groups linked to terrorism.

The Secretary-General’s report exposes the usurpation, forgery and fraud used by this armed separatist group and its pseudo-representative in New York who falsely claims to enjoy a status that the United Nations has never recognized.

He revealed, once again, that lies and fabrication are the hallmarks of this Algerian creation.

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