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HM the King appoints Mr. Habib El Malki President of the Higher Council for Education, Training and Scientific Research

“His Majesty King Mohammed VI, may God assist Him, received, on Monday November 14, 2022 at the Royal Palace in Rabat, Mr. Habib El Malki, whom the Sovereign has appointed President of the Supreme Council for Education, Training and Scientific Research.

During this audience, His Majesty the King, may God glorify Him, gave His Highest Orientations to the new President of the Council for the optimal implementation of the missions entrusted by the Constitution to this Institution, with a view to promoting the Moroccan school, issuing opinions on all public policies and national issues concerning education, training and scientific research, and contributing to the evaluation of public policies and programs in this sector which is crucial for the future of Morocco.

HM the King also stressed the need for the Council, as an advisory institution, to support the reform of the education and training system in coordination with the government departments and institutions concerned, in order to achieve the main objectives of this reform with regard to promoting the quality of education at all levels, the realization of equity and equal opportunities in this field, the mastery of foreign languages and the encouragement of scientific research, able to contribute to the qualification of the national human capital and facilitate the integration of current and future generations in the development dynamic that the country knows”.

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