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HM the King Calls on Moroccan Pilgrims to Duly Represent Their Country, to Remain Attached to National, Doctrinal Unity

His Majesty King Mohammed VI, Commander of the Faithful, called on Moroccan pilgrims to duly represent their country, giving an honorable image that goes in line with strong adherence to the values of tolerance and moderation and the rejection of any desire for extremism.

In a message addressed, on Monday, to Moroccan pilgrims to the Holy Places of Islam for the year 1443 AH, the Sovereign invited the pilgrims to be “ambassadors of your country by upholding these ideal values, and by remaining strongly attached to your identity, to your national unity and to your Maliki rite.”

“I also want you to show how keen I have been, since Almighty God entrusted me with the mission of leading my loyal people, to uphold our model of moderate Sunni Islam, in keeping with the words of the Almighty: “We made of you an Ummah justly balanced that you might be witnesses over the nations,” added HM the King.

“That Ishhaad, or bearing of testimony, which is required of all Muslims, cannot be achieved except through moderation and the rejection of extremism and fanaticism,” said the Sovereign in this message, which was read by the Minister of Habous and Islamic Affairs, Ahmed Toufiq, on the occasion of the departure of the first contingent of pilgrims from the Rabat-Salé International Airport.

HM the King also stressed that he has given His Highest Instructions to the Minister of Habous and Islamic Affairs “to keep up his commendable efforts in taking good care of you and providing for the overall conditions of your stay in the Holy Land so that you may perform your rituals in an optimal manner.”

“I asked him to provide for your comfort, health requirements, administrative needs and religious guidance throughout your pilgrimage,” said HM the King. “Therefore, make sure you cooperate with the officials in charge so that these goals can be achieved. Consequently, you are expected to respect – at all times – the instructions given to you and comply with the measures in place throughout your pilgrimage.”

“You must also observe the measures and regulations set by the authorities of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for the organization of the great Hajj season, in keeping with the instructions given by the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, my esteemed brother King Salman bin Abdulaziz,” the Sovereign stressed.

Thanking the Almighty “for helping us to overcome the pandemic which has afflicted the entire world, and for enabling us to gradually resume our religious and social traditions, while continuing to observe preventive measures and the necessary health requirements,” the Sovereign called on pilgrims to arm themselves with patience, restraint, endurance and to defend themselves against anything that may taint the sacredness of the pilgrimage rite.

“And when, in that sacred location, as in other holy places, particularly Mount Arafat – where sincere prayers and earnest supplications are answered – remember to pray for your King, who attends to your safety and protection. Pray to the Almighty that He may assist me in my endeavors to provide for my people’s progress, prosperity and happiness,” the Sovereign further said.

“Pray that I see only such things as please the eye and delight the heart from His Royal Highness, Crown Prince Moulay El Hassan, and from all members of the Royal Family. Pray, also, that Almighty God bless the souls of my venerated grandfather and of my revered father, Their Majesties King Mohammed V and King Hassan II; pray that He reward them for all they have done for Morocco, its freedom, its independence and its progress in various fields,” HM the King added.

The Commander of the Faithful wished pilgrims “an accepted and most gratifying and rewarding Hajj,” imploring the Almighty “to answer your prayers, fulfil your wishes and reward you abundantly – in this world and the Hereafter – for performing the blessed duty of pilgrimage.” “May you return to your homeland safe and sound.”

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