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Human Rights: Involvement of Local Actors Contributes to Strengthening Moroccan Experience

The Moroccan experience on the involvement of local actors in the implementation of human rights has proved its relevance and its merits, through a series of national projects launched by the Kingdom, said Wednesday in Geneva, the interministerial delegate for Human Rights, Ahmed Chaouki Benyoub.

As part of a panel discussion on the involvement of local actors in the process of the Universal Periodic Review (UPR), held on the sidelines of the 51st session of the Human Rights Council, Benyoub made a presentation on the participatory relationship between public authorities and local and regional actors.

For more than two decades, this relationship has taken a practical dimension in Morocco, through the experience of the Equity and Reconciliation Commission, the reform of the family code to strengthen the rights of women and children, the development of Amazigh and Hassanis cultural rights, as well as the advanced regionalization and the launch of the Moroccan initiative of autonomy for the southern provinces, he said.

Benyoub highlighted the conclusions of the 4th round of the UPR held in Morocco, stressing that the interministerial delegation of Human Rights (DIDH) conducted a series of public dialogues with territorial actors in the 12 regions of the Kingdom, between April and June of this year.

These regional consultations confirmed the validity of the national choice to launch a process aimed at anchoring territorial strategic planning, through the development of executive plans to implement the national action plan for democracy and human rights.

According to him, the consultations and dialogues conducted at the territorial level confirmed that the local debate relates to economic and social empowerment, the implementation of cultural rights and the safeguarding of the enjoyment of basic human rights.

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