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Interfaith Dialogue: Royal Message Highlights Singular Moroccan Model of Religious Coexistence – Brazil’s Federation of Islamic Institutions

he message addressed by His Majesty King Mohammed VI, Commander of the Faithful, to participants in the Parliamentary Conference on “Interfaith Dialogue”, being held in Marrakech, highlights the main components of the singular Moroccan model in the field of religious coexistence, said the Director of Religious Affairs at Brazil’s Federation of Islamic Institutions of Brazil, Essadik El Otmani.

“The royal message is a plea for peace and for making religion a lever for dialogue and coexistence, a bulwark against violence and hatred between peoples,” said the researcher in Islamic thought and issues of religious extremism in Latin America.

For El Otmani, parliamentarians have a major responsibility to produce texts to protect themselves and prevent extremist discourse and acts. “The guidelines and recommendations contained in the royal message form the basis of an innovative plan to promote peace and coexistence among all human beings”, he added.

Morocco, said the Moroccan preacher, “is regarded, through its long history, as a model state in which followers of different religions coexist in brotherhood and security.”

“The Kingdom’s history is one of diversity and religious and cultural pluralism. Muslims, Jews and Christians have lived in perfect harmony for centuries”, he insisted, recalling for example that Morocco provided generous protection to religious communities persecuted in the Iberian Peninsula in the 15th and 16th centuries, as well as to Jewish victims of Nazi oppression.

Thus, “HM the King’s message was profound and forceful in that it presented principles, rules and provisions capable of consolidating the values of living together, peace, love and harmony, values promoted and valued by the Muslim religion,” concluded the head of the Federation of Islamic Institutions of Brazil.


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