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ITF Summit: Morocco’s Experience in Transport Sector Highlighted in Leipzig

The experience of Morocco in the transport sector and its leadership at the continental level in this field were highlighted, Wednesday in Leipzig, within the framework of the Summit of the International Transport Forum (ITF 2022), held under the presidency of Morocco.

During the plenary session of this event, which brings together delegations from about 80 countries, the audience followed an institutional film highlighting the major achievements made by Morocco to promote and consolidate infrastructure and services related to all modes of transport (road, rail, air, maritime and logistics), as well as the importance of this sector as a vector for development and economic attractiveness of Morocco.

The assets and potential of Morocco in the transport and logistics sector were also exposed at the stand of the Kingdom whose authentic design was inspired by the specificities of Moroccan architecture, as part of an exhibition held on the sidelines of the summit.

Explanations were provided to ministerial delegations which visited the stand where they learned about the major projects launched in the Kingdom in recent years to further strengthen the sector.

In addition, during a press conference marking the beginning of the work of the Summit, Minister of Transport and Logistics, Mohamed Abdeljalil, gave an overview of efforts made by Morocco to improve accessibility to infrastructure and transport services, as well as programs developed in this direction to improve accessibility to populations in rural areas, the development of means of public transport (bus and tramway), the development of national and international air transport, the promotion of access to online technologies and services for the purchase of transport tickets, and the development of new mobility systems and services that take into account national ambitions to reduce CO2 emissions, including conventional and high-speed rail transport, in addition to the development of port infrastructure and maritime transport.

He noted, on the other hand, that “Morocco’s membership in the ITF in 2015 has allowed us to participate and contribute to discussions on topics of interest to all countries in the world, such as shared mobility, soft mobility, ecomobility, green transport, innovation and new technologies in transport.”

“These are topics that require new generations of strategies, action plans and appropriate governance of transport,” he said, noting that “many topics have already been translated into initiatives and action plans at the Kingdom”. He cited as an example the national strategy for sustainable development 2030, the national strategy for energy efficiency 2030, the long-term low-carbon strategy Morocco 2050, and the national strategy for the development of logistics competitiveness 2030.

The Minister said, moreover, that the theme of this summit on transport for inclusive societies is chosen to discuss transport for all, especially after the advent of Covid which has generated a real change in several aspects of the life of societies.

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