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Jerusalem Post: Morocco is kingdom of Light, Country Creating Desire to Go and Return

The Israeli newspaper “Jerusalem Post” wrote, Friday, that Morocco is the kingdom of light and the country that creates in its visitor the desire to go and return.

“One of the first things that jumps out at you when you discover Morocco for the first time is undoubtedly its light. This very particular light. A light that gives life to this land wherever you go. It is a source of inspiration for artists past and present, stimulating the senses, movement and energy,” noted the publication.

The article of “Jerusalem Post” was published after a visit of its editorial team to Morocco, where the newspaper organized in Marrakech, in partnership with major media and economic institutions, its forum on investment and economy for the year 2022.

The newspaper wrote in this sense that at the heart of this trip, “the light illuminates those unique sensory and human experiences, which we carry on our return and we keep forever: the light of the setting sun, the memory of the flowery roads, the scenes of the cliffs at the bottom of the valley, the delicious taste of spices, the gentle breeze brushing your face, the echo of a melody, the charm of a meeting with a brilliant stranger … Across the Kingdom of Morocco, there is a light with the power to inspire and stimulate”.

In its review, the newspaper emphasized that Morocco is more than just a country you visit, it is a country that breathes life through its arts, its vibrant culture and the creativity of its skilled craftsmen.

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