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Jordanian Newspaper Highlights Socio-Economic Development of Southern Provinces

Jordanian newspaper “Alanbat” has highlighted the socio-economic development of the Southern Provinces of the Kingdom of Morocco.

Under the title “The new Moroccan development strategy,” the newspaper stresses that the development of the Southern Provinces is tied to that of all the regions of the Kingdom.

The fruits of socio-economic development are reflected in the situation prevailing in the Southern Provinces in the areas of health, education, infrastructure, energy and investment, it says.

According to the daily, the new development model for the Southern Provinces has led to a development program for 2015-2021. The model aims to provide these Provinces with internal social and economic resources for better integration into its regional, continental and Atlantic environment.

The aim is to enable the southern provinces to achieve their aspiration of becoming an economic platform between the north and south and a regional center for trade between sub-Saharan Africa and the rest of the world.

The draft finance act of 2021 has reaffirmed the importance of the development program of the Southern Provinces, recalls the newspaper, calling this project an “ambitious Marshall Plan.”

The author of the article cites important projects in the region, such as the University Hospital of Laayoune, the Faculty of Medicine and the City of trades and skills.

The infrastructure projects are at the heart of the national policy, which is developed in a concerted manner and aims at the development of the region and the prosperity of its inhabitants while respecting the economic, social and cultural rights of all Moroccans, notes Alanbat.

The newspaper cites the Tiznit-Dakhla expressway and the Port of Dakhla Atlantic, with its industrial zone of 270 hectares, and which will connect southern Morocco to sub-Saharan Africa.

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