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Larache Province: Fire in ‘Beni Ysef Al-Srif’ Forest 50 Percent Contained

The efforts of the intervention teams have allowed to contain about 50% of the fire that broke out in the forest “Beni Ysef Al-Srif”, falling under the territorial jurisdiction of the communes of Souk El Qola and Boujediane (Larache province), said the head of the National Center for Forest Climate Risk Management, Fouad Assali.

“The tireless efforts of the authorities and all stakeholders at national and local levels, and ground and air interventions have helped to contain 50% of the fire that broke out in a locality situated between the communes of Souk El Qola, Tatoft and Boujediane in the province Larache,” said Assali in a statement to M24, MAP continuous news channel.

He noted that “the area affected by the fire is estimated at 4,600 hectares”.

The official also stressed that the fire in the Sahel El Menzla forest in the town of Sahel (Larache province) has been contained to 75%, but vigilance remains necessary because of strong winds.

“Once the fire is contained, elements of intervention teams remain permanently near the affected areas, to intervene quickly and effectively if the fire spreads again,” he added.

Assali stressed that the protection of the lives of the population and elements of the intervention teams, as well as the preservation of property of citizens are top priorities, noting that the ground and air interventions are intensified whenever the fire approaches the houses, while proceeding to the evacuation of douars threatened by fire.

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