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Leaders Ftour Talk: Third Edition under the Sign of Peace and Living Together

The Moroccan Millennium Leaders (MML) association and the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung Morocco foundation organized, Sunday evening in Rabat, a ftour-debate in an atmosphere of diversity and living together, under the theme “Ramadan, Pessah, holy week, Moroccan reading of these three events of the three civilizations of the book”.

Dubbed Leaders Ftour Talk, this event, in its third edition, was an opportunity to celebrate the diversity, otherness and respect for others that make Morocco a unique country.

HM the King’s advisor, André Azoulay, who took part in this event, expressed his joy to find an audience composed of all generations carried by “the same passions, the same convictions, the same hopes and the same ambitions for our country”. He stressed that the Moroccan identity has been forged by “the richness of our history and our civilization”. This civilization and this history, said Azoulay, “allow us today to have a presence, an identity and a specificity that is authoritative in the world”.

Highlighting the achievements of the Kingdom in promoting and consolidating peace and tolerance, the advisor to HM the King said that “We Moroccans are the sum of all civilizations that have stopped in our country centuries and millennia ago”.

“This reality is unfortunately not the one that is shared around us,” Azoulay stressed, regretting that the approach is often one of subtraction and not addition.

Azoulay added: “In a world that has regressed and where all the archaisms, fanaticisms and extremisms flourish, which we wrongly believed had disappeared. They are coming back. We must carry loudly and clearly this Moroccan voice that will be the compass of this community of nations that has lost its way a little”.

In a statement to MAP TV channel M24, president of MML, Marouane El Idrissi, said that the purpose of this ftour-debate is to show that Morocco is today, as it has always been, a land of coexistence.

“We chose Ramadan, a sacred month for us Muslims and which embodies the values of living together to tell the world that Morocco is a lantern of human values of coexistence and peace,” he added.

For his part, the resident representative in Morocco of Konrad Adenauer Stiftung, Steffen Krüger, welcomed the holding of this meeting, which is an opportunity to meet around a ftour of exchange and conviviality.

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