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Market Supply: Strengthening Control of Production, Distribution Chains Continues (Gov’t Chief)

Strengthening control of production and distribution chains will continue, the Head of Government Aziz Akhannouch said Thursday in Rabat, noting that the prices of basic foodstuffs “will continue to fall to their usual levels before the advent of the month of Ramadan.”

Speaking at the beginning of the weekly meeting of the Government Council, devoted to the issue of strengthening control of the national market, ensuring its continuous supply of food and the fight against speculation, Akhannouch said the government will monitor this situation until the return of prices to their usual levels.

The Head of Government praised, in this sense, the members of the government for their mobilization, their commitment to monitor the evolution of prices and field visits that some of them make to markets, noting that this “reflects, in fact, the centrality of the citizen in the various public policies.”

He also stressed that the interdepartmental committees (Ministries of Interior, Agriculture, Industry and Finance), in charge of monitoring markets, have ensured the daily monitoring of markets, highlighting the commendable efforts made by regional and provincial committees.

Akhannouch also welcomed the daily and careful monitoring of the national market by these committees and their firmness against “opportunists” who seek to make gains at the expense of health and welfare of the Moroccan citizen, calling on them to continue their action with the same pace, or even strengthen the control of different chains of production and distribution.

Food prices have begun to decline, as announced at the last meeting of the Government Council, he added, citing as an example the decrease in prices of tomatoes and vegetables in general, meat and oil table.

“The prices of these commodities will continue to decline in the coming days to reach their usual levels before the advent of the month of Ramadan,” said Akhannouch.

He called on members of the government to continue efforts in monitoring, field visits and communication to reflect the reality of government action, including the implementation of projects included in the government program.


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