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MAU Praises Moroccan Approach to Inter-Libyan Dialogue ‘Free from Foreign Pressure’

The General Secretariat of the Maghreb Arab Union (MAU) has praised Morocco’s efforts on behalf of the Libyan brothers, as well as the approach adopted by the Kingdom to provide them with the appropriate space for dialogue and consultation “far from any foreign pressure”.

In a statement, the MAU General Secretariat stressed that it had followed with great satisfaction the meetings of the “6+6” joint commission held in Bouznika, which on Wednesday led to a compromise between all the Libyan parties concerning the laws governing the presidential and parliamentary elections, guaranteeing the organization of these elections within a comprehensive and inclusive framework, while taking into account party representation and the participation of women.

After recalling the results achieved at the Bouznika meetings, in particular the 2015 Skhirat Agreement, as well as the compromises on sovereignty positions and the unification of executive power, the MAU General Secretariat expressed the hope that the compromise on the laws governing the elections would have a direct impact on the organization of these long-awaited elections, and lead to a definitive solution to the Libyan crisis, so as to guarantee the unity and stability of Libya and strengthen the security of the entire Maghreb region.

The “6+6” joint commission, tasked by the Libyan House of Representatives and High Council of State with drafting electoral laws, had announced that its members had reached a compromise on the laws governing the presidential and parliamentary elections scheduled for the end of the year, following two weeks of meetings in Morocco.

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