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Minister Benali Stresses Sovereign Investors’ Role in Addressing Energy Transition Issues

Minister of Energy Transition and Sustainable Development Leila Benali on Monday stressed the importance of sovereign investors to address issues related to energy transition.

Speaking at the opening of the African Sovereign Investors Forum (ASIF) in Rabat, Benali noted that it is an opportunity to highlight the importance of sovereign investors in shaping the world, to address issues related to energy transition and sustainability.

She added that in 2022, where short and long terms are intertwined, sovereign investors are the only possible bridges between these two temporal dimensions.

These investors are not passive actors affected by major global trends, including climate change, energy transition and digitization, but rather they are influencing this global trend, noted Benali.

She further indicated that governments have the role to provide them with the regulatory framework to find a balance of capital vocation that will open opportunities in Africa.

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