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Mohammed VI Foundation for Environmental Protection Stimulates Africa’s Action through its Youth

The Mohammed VI Foundation for Environmental Protection is trying to “stimulate the action of Africa for the oceans” through its youth, its Secretary-General, Nouzha Alaoui said on Monday in Sidi Bouknadel.

“We are trying today to stimulate the action of Africa for the oceans by using what it has the strongest asset: its youth,” said Alaoui who spoke at the opening of the “Blue Talk”, an international conference organized by the Foundation in partnership with Portugal’s Embassy in Morocco.

“Africa is a very young continent, you know,” she insisted, adding that the Mohammed VI Foundation for Environmental Protection has created a network “for and by African youth” called the African Youth Climate Hub, which is run by the Hassan II International Center for Environmental Training using telecommunications and digital technology.

Showcasing the Foundation’s efforts to share knowledge and experience, Alaoui mentioned the launch of a MOOC on basic knowledge on climate and oceans. “E-learning, forums, and digital platforms are the central vector of our action in Morocco and Africa,” she said.

In the same vein, the official cited the African Green Universities Youth Environmental Network, a network deployed by the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP).

“In order to bring the voice of this youth, we will bring to Lisbon young African environmental activists to emphasize the importance of South-North cooperation,” Alaoui went on to say.

“We will share our efforts to achieve the success that His Majesty King Mohammed VI called for our environment, for a sustainable future for our oceans,” she assured.

The “Blue Talk”, which takes place on the eve of the United Nations Conference on the Oceans, a “significant” event scheduled in Lisbon in June, is the ideal moment “to talk about science and innovation for the oceans, (…) to talk about the best way to disseminate +Ocean Literacy,+ to exchange good practices and to consider joint actions,” she continued.

The “Blue talk”, also known as the “2022 United Nations Conference on Oceans: What Roles for Science and Innovation in Morocco and Africa?”, was attended by prominent Moroccan and Portuguese experts in the field of oceanography and representatives of civil society.

This event was marked by a high-level panel dedicated to “the UN Conference on the Oceans in Lisbon. What role for science and innovation?” and a panel of experts.

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