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Morocco Adopts Integrated National Approach to Countering Terrorism (Minister)

Following the terrorist events that shook Casablanca in 2003, Morocco has adopted an integrated national approach to the fight against terrorism, stressed, on Monday in Rabat, Justice Minister, Abdellatif Ouahbi.

Speaking at the opening of an international forum on “Culture and the arts and their role in combating crime and extremism”, organized by the Islamic World Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (ICESCO), Ouahbi noted that this approach is undeniably realistic, as it is comprehensive, effective and efficient in combating the constantly evolving terrorist threat and diversifying its options, through the adoption of the comprehensive national strategy to combat terrorism and the national strategy to prevent extremism.

Morocco has adopted a national penal policy to combat terrorism and prevent extremism, reflecting the efforts made at the level of public policy, according to a participative and integrated approach defining the contours and methods for dealing with this phenomenon, through the strengthening of the legislative framework by preventive laws, he said.

In this regard, the Minister pointed out that the Kingdom has taken a series of legal and institutional measures, as well as rehabilitation and reintegration programs for those convicted in cases of terrorism and extremism, including Law 03.03 on the fight against terrorism and its financing, and Law 86.14 on the fight against the phenomenon of foreign terrorist fighters, as well as the creation of numerous administrative, judicial, security and financial entities dedicated to ensuring the effectiveness and efficiency needed to combat terrorism and extremism.

In addition, he noted that Moroccan criminal legislation provides for major incentive mechanisms for people convicted of terrorism-related crimes, including pardon and parole mechanisms, backed up by rehabilitation and reintegration programs.

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