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Morocco Leads The Maghreb Region in Communication and Logistics Index


Elmahjoub Dasaa

Morocco ranked first in the Arab world and 86th in the world in the “Global Report of the Communication and Logistics Index 2022”, issued yesterday, Wednesday, by the global shipping services company “DHL”, which measures several indicators and data in terms of logistics services from a list of 171 countries and geographical regions around the world.

The Kingdom obtained a total of 46 points out of 100 points, thus ranking first in the Maghreb in logistics services, while; The UAE, which ranked first in the Arab world and sixth in the world, got a total of 77 points out of 100 points.

At the Arab level, the UAE maintained its pioneering position first in the Arab world and sixth globally, while Qatar ranked second in the Arab world and 34th globally, Lebanon third in the Arab world and 41st globally, Saudi Arabia fourth in the Arab world and 44th globally, then Bahrain ranked fifth in the Arab world and 53rd globally, Kuwait in Ranked sixth in the Arab world and 57th globally, the Sultanate of Oman ranked seventh in the Arab world and 69th globally, Libya ranked eighth in the Arab world and 84th globally, Morocco ranked ninth in the Arab world and 86th globally, Tunisia tenth in the Arab world and 89th globally, Jordan 11th in the Arab world and 90th globally, Egypt 12th in the Arab world And 103 globally, Mauritania ranked 13th in the Arab world and 118th globally, Algeria ranked 14th in the Arab world and 126th globally.

Globally, the Netherlands led the index with 85 points, Singapore came second with 84 points, Belgium with 81 points, Switzerland with 79 points, and Ireland with 77 points.

The report confirmed that global trade flows extended over longer distances during the “Covid-19” pandemic, contrary to expectations of a shift from globalization to regions, indicating that the volume of global trade in goods reached pre-pandemic levels in mid-2022, and trade in services exceeded These levels last year.

The same report indicated that, however, global growth is expected to slow in 2023, mainly due to the slowdown in the economy, pointing out that international flows have proven to be remarkably resilient despite the recent shocks, highlighting that the “communication and logistics index decreased significantly.” Slight in 2020 when the pandemic spread and efforts to contain it, which caused a sharp decline in trade, foreign direct investment and international travel, but by 2021, the index rebounded to a level higher than pre-pandemic levels, as preliminary data and projections indicate that the index rose again in 2022.

This global index covers a list of 171 countries, and measures logistics services based on indicators of trade flows, population, capital, and digital level, in addition to the ease of data dissemination and communication.


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