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Morocco ranks 12th in the Arab world and 160th globally in the Environmental Performance Index

Elmahjoub Dasaa


Morocco ranked 12th in the Arab world and 160th globally on the “Environmental Performance Index”, issued by the American “Yale” University, in cooperation with the McCall McBain Foundation, which monitors the state of environmental performance in 180 countries.

At the Arab level, the UAE ranked first regionally and 39 globally, surpassing Jordan, which ranked second in the Arab world and 81 globally, and Kuwait, which ranked third and 87 globally, then Bahrain in fourth and 90 globally. Tunisia ranked fifth in the Arab world and 96 globally, followed by Saudi Arabia in sixth in the Arab world and 109 globally, and Egypt seventh in the region and 27 globally.

The eighth in the Arab world came to Qatar, which ranked 137th globally, then Lebanon in the ninth place in the Arab world and 142 globally, and Oman in the tenth place in the Arab world and 149 globally, while Algeria ranked eleventh in the Arab world and 155 globally, and Morocco in the twelfth and 160th Globally, Iraq ranked thirteenth in the Arab world and 169th globally, then Sudan in the fourteenth and 171st globally.

Denmark topped the index with 77.9 points, followed by the United Kingdom with 77.7 points, then Finland came in third, followed by Malta, then Sweden, Luxembourg, and Slovenia came in seventh, Austria eighth, Switzerland ninth, and Iceland tenth .

The Index provides a data-driven summary of the state of sustainability around the world. The score uses 40 factors to assess countries’ performance on climate change, environmental health, and ecosystem vitality. It includes the latest available data and calculates how the scores have changed over the past decade.

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