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Morocco’s ONMT To Launch ‘Light Tour’ in Paris, London, New York

Morocco’s National Tourist Office (ONMT) announced on Monday the launch of a “Light Tour” in Paris, London, and New York aimed at shedding light on Morocco as a tourist destination.

ONMT’s general director Abdel El Fakir will lead a Moroccan delegation of tourism actors to meet tour operators, tourism professionals, airline managers, and policymakers in the three cities.

The tour will kick off in Paris on May 17, followed by London on May 18, and New York on May 19.

The “Light Tour” is the continuation of the unprecedented international campaign “Morocco: Land of Light” aimed at promoting the kingdom as a holiday destination while strengthening its trendy images, particularly among young travelers.

The international campaign has targeted over 20 markets, including France, Spain, Germany, the UK, and the US, as well as African and Middle Eastern countries.

“We will continue our work to promote Morocco in international markets. In the aftermath of the Land of Light campaign, it was important for us to fully involve Moroccan professionals in promoting Morocco as a holiday destination,” El Fakir said.

The Moroccan delegation of the “Light Tour” includes President of the National Confederation of Tourism Hamid Bentahar, President of the National Federation of the Hotel Industry Lahcen Zelmat, President of the National Federation of Travel Agencies Mohamed Semlali, and several other actors in the industry.

After lifting its travel ban on February 7, Morocco took several measures to revive the tourism sector that has severely suffered from the COVID-19 pandemic.

As Morocco’s government considers tourism a key sector for the socio-economic development of the country, ONMT’s Land of Light campaign seeks to put the spotlight on the country’s natural resources and its geographic diversity.

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Like in other countries across the globe, Morocco’s tourism sector suffered unprecedented repercussions because of COVID-19 and the subsequent travel ban and confinement.

With the recent ease of travel restrictions, the North African country has shown increased resolve to breathe new life into the sector by leveraging the country’s rich history and culture, its geographical localization, as well as its security. The latest Global Terrorism Index (GTI) has ranked Morocco as one of the safest countries worldwide.

With a subtropical climate, Morocco enjoys popularity among tourists from across the world who travel to major cities, such as Fez, Marrakech, Meknes, Agadir, Chefchaouen, Tangier, Tetouan, and Rabat to enjoy the country’s weather, culture, and mouthwatering food.

Several Moroccan cities have been featured in international magazines among the most popular destinations across the world.

In February, Uswitch energy comparison experts conducted a study, which featured Marrakech in the world’s top 20 cities with the most sustainable hotels.

The study shows that Marrakech has 275 environment-friendly hotels.

The city does not only attract ordinary people but also celebrities who choose Marrakech to spend their holidays.

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