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Over MAD 300 Mln to Support Professionals in Road Transport Sector

“A total of 307 million dirhams has been released to date, for the benefit of road transport professionals, as part of the support that the government has granted them due to the surge in fuel prices,” said Tuesday, Minister of Transport and Logistics, Mohamed Abdeljalil.

“A total of 91 million dirhams has been paid in the form of bank orders and 216 million dirhams in the form of bank transfers,” explained the minister in response to oral questions at the House of Advisors, noting that the government decided to provide this support “to maintain economic activity, avoid any disruption in the transport ecosystem and reduce the effects of the crisis on the purchasing power of citizens”.

He also noted that this measure has allowed the continuation of the movement of travel in different regions of the Kingdom during this economic situation, marked by an unprecedented rise in oil prices internationally and “which has been reflected in the price of fuel locally, leading professionals to express their inability to meet their commitments to their customers, nationally or internationally”.

Abdeljalil stressed that this support should benefit nearly 180,000 vehicles, adding that in order to facilitate the process of obtaining it and accelerate its pace, the Ministry has established in coordination with the Department of the Head of Government and the Ministries of Interior and Economy and Finance, a digital platform for filing applications and their monitoring by professionals.

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