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Paraguayan FM Hails Morocco’s Regional, Continental Leadership

The Paraguayan Minister of Foreign Affairs, Julio César Arriola, hailed the regional and continental leadership of Morocco, highlighting the richness of the culture of the Kingdom and its influence.

Arriola, who spoke at a reception organized by the Embassy of Morocco in Paraguay on the occasion of the International Day of Africa, expressed his “admiration for Morocco, its culture and its leadership at regional and continental levels”.

The Foreign Minister was part of an array of senior officials who attended the reception, including the Minister of Industry and Trade, Luis Castiglioni, the Minister of Culture, Ruben Capdevilla, the Minister of the National Council of Science and Technology, Eduardo Felippo, the former Minister of Foreign Affairs, Antonio Ruffinelli, in addition to other personalities from the diplomatic, academic, economic, media and civil society, according to a statement from the Moroccan Embassy.

On this occasion, Castiglioni highlighted the role of Morocco as “artisan of the transformation of Africa, as the first investor in the continent.”

He said he was convinced that thanks to “brotherly” Morocco, which is a gateway to Africa for Paraguay, the Paraguayans will be able to position themselves in strength in this continent.

For his part, the Moroccan Ambassador in Asunción, Badreddine Abdelmoumni noted that this celebration is a moment of reflection on Africa, its contrasts and diversity, the enormous challenges it faces, as well as the multiple potentialities that make it the continent of the 21st century.

In this regard, the Moroccan diplomat stressed the role of Morocco as a catalyst for development and a link tool with the northern neighborhood, underlying the unconditional commitment of Morocco alongside the national liberation movements of most African countries such as Algeria, South Africa, Angola, Mozambique, among others.

Abdelmoumni illustrated this commitment with a passage from the speech of His Majesty King Mohammed VI, on the occasion of the 63rd anniversary of the Revolution of the King and the People, in which the Sovereign said that “For us, Africa is not about goals and objectives; dealing with Africa involves a commitment towards the African citizen, wherever he or she may be”,

The various speakers highlighted the pioneering role of Morocco both during the liberation from the yoke of colonialism in Africa and during all these years where Morocco has made a considerable contribution to the construction of a united Africa, solidarity and continuous development.

In his turn, Capdevilla welcomed the celebration of this day and the participation of representatives of the Afro-Paraguayan community, noting that the government is developing a law that recognizes the rights of Afro-Paraguayan descendants.

For his part, Felippo welcomed the opportunity offered by this celebration to better open up to Africa, stressing that “Morocco plays an important role in the African continent”.

This ceremony was marked by the screening of the documentary film “Morocco and the liberation movements in Africa”, which highlights the political, financial, logistical and diplomatic support of Morocco to the national liberation movements in Africa, as well as a photographic exhibition illustrating the support provided by Morocco to the independence movement of African states.

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