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Passport Index Ranks Morocco’s Passport 128th in World

Morocco’s passport has ranked 128th worldwide, with a total score of 51.50 in the Nomad Passport Ranking Index 2023.

The Index gave Morocco a travel score of 77 “as there are  33 countries that Morocco passport holders can enter without a visa.”

The same figures confirm that 42 countries allow Moroccan passport holders to enter their territory by obtaining a visa on arrival.

Moroccan passport holders can enter a total of 77 destinations with a visa,  without, and through electronic travel authorization.

The global ranking shows the UAE topping the list with a total score of 110.50, followed by Luxembourg, Switzerland, Ireland, Portugal, and Germany.

Morocco has over the past year invested significantly in strengthening its tourism sector.

As part of its initiatives, the North African country has adopted a system to issue electronic visas to facilitate the process for those wishing to visit Morocco.

Since July 10, 2022, Morocco has issued over 80,000 electronic visas.  And the country has launched e-visas for foreigners coming from 49 countries to facilitate their entry to the country.

In January, London-based company Henley & Partners ranked the Moroccan passport as the 80th most powerful worldwide in its 2023 Henley Passport Index.

The passport maintained the same position as in the second quarter of 2022.

According to the data compiled by the Nomad Capitalist, holders of Morocco’s passports can now travel visa-free to 65 countries worldwide, compared to 64 countries in the second quarter of 2022.

Compiled by the Nomad Capitalist, the index relied on different factors to collect the score, including available passport data and news sources to rank travel access.”We calculate the Travel scores by summing up Visa-free, Visa on Arrival, and eTA countries,” the index said.

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