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Prison Authority: Transferring Prisoner S.R. to Ain Bourja Local Prison Due to Overcrowding (Clarification)

The transfer of the prisoner (S.R) from the local prison of Ain Sbaa 1 to the local prison of Ain Bourja, located in the same city, was decided to alleviate the chronic overcrowding in the establishment from which he was transferred, said Monday the General Delegation of the Prison Administration and Rehabilitation (DGAPR).

In a reaction to a statement issued by the “so-called Observatory for the Protection of Human Rights Defenders”, under the International Federation of Human Rights, about the situation of the prisoner (S.R) incarcerated in the local prison of Ain Bourja where he is serving a sentence of 5 years, the DGAPR said that “following the appeal judgment against the prisoner concerned, it was decided to transfer him from the local prison of Ain Sebaa 1 to the local prison of Ain Bourja, located in the same city, in order to alleviate the chronic overcrowding in the institution from which he was transferred, while taking into account the proximity of the new institution of the address of residence in his criminal file, located in Casablanca”.

The DGAPR refuted the information according to which the decision of transfer is unjustified, noting that the administration was keen not to transfer him away from his family, especially since the day after his transfer, he was able to contact members of his family to inform them of the place where he was, as provided by law.

The detainee in question has enjoyed all the rights guaranteed to him by law, in that he is placed alone, at his request, in a cell that can accommodate six detainees, the Delegation noted, noting that his cell meets the required conditions of detention and is equipped with a television that allows him to watch a number of satellite channels, knowing that he shares the same block with other prisoners.

As for the allegations of confiscation and seizure of all documents that the detainee would have written during his arrest, including his diaries and a draft of his novel, and that his books would have been destroyed, the same source stresses that they are “without any foundation.”

The General Delegation also emphasizes that the administration of the prison treats the above-mentioned prisoner like any other prisoner without discrimination, and that all his objects are subject to control, in accordance with the security prerogatives granted by law to the prison administration, which require the seizure of anything that is contrary to the laws in force.

Regarding the refusal of the detainee to have a family visit and to meet with his lawyer, DGARP stated that the detainee himself had twice asked his family not to visit him, and that after the last visit on 24/06/2022, he refused to meet with his family on 22/07/2022.

In addition, his last meeting with his lawyer was on 21/07/2022, explained the same source, noting that the detainee asked his family during his last phone call on 25/07/2022 “not to come to the visit and to inform the lawyer not to come too”.

In addition, the inmate refrained from taking advantage of the recreation time of his own free will, even though the cell doors remain open during the time dedicated to this recreation, notes the DGARP.

The General Delegation stresses that the attitude of the said organization consisting in conveying such erroneous information, despite the clarifications published on many occasions concerning the detainee in question, is part of a rabid campaign in which it has sided with other organizations such as “Human Rights Watch” and “Reporters Without Borders” to attack the reputation of Morocco, at a well calculated timing coinciding with the celebrations of the glorious Throne Day.

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