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Private Sector Ready to Play its Part in Modernization Agenda of Morocco-EU Relations

The private sector is ready to play its role to carry out and accelerate the implementation of an agenda of integration and modernization of relations between Morocco and the European Union, in the interest of all, said, Wednesday in Brussels, the president of the General Confederation of Moroccan Enterprises (CGEM), Chakib Alj.

“In a context where our Mediterranean faces major challenges, such as climate change, migration, and food and energy security, we cannot afford to leave the Morocco-EU economic relations in the second plan,” said Mr. Alj, during a meeting at the European Parliament on “EU-Morocco cooperation and trade for a sustainable development in the Mediterranean”.

He called, in this regard, to protect, promote and develop the economic and trade cooperation between Morocco and the EU.

“The private sector is present today to highlight the opportunities available to us. Opportunities that we cannot afford to miss, postpone or jeopardize,” said the president of the CGEM, urging European institutions to work with the employers to prioritize the economic potential of Morocco-EU relations and achieve common goals.

Recalling that the CGEM began its activities in Brussels, a year ago, Mr. Alj noted that the message and vision of this institution remain unchanged: “Morocco and the European Union must realistically put the protection of their relations at the forefront of their priorities.”

“We must focus on the populations of the Mediterranean. They – consumers, employees, customers, voters, citizens – must be prioritized,” he argued, adding that in light of the current crisis, “businesses are key.”

“If we let threats of any kind put at risk or in the background trade, which is the raison d’être of business, we put everything at risk,” he explained, stressing that the CGEM, which is the mouthpiece of the private sector in Morocco, wants to bring the vision of these companies to the institutional debate on Morocco-EU relations.

In an increasingly complicated, unstable and difficult geopolitical context for business, Morocco is a reliable partner, which is now the largest trading partner of the EU in Africa, as it represents nearly 25% of total EU trade in the southern neighborhood.

Organized by the CGEM, in partnership with the European Parliament, the meeting explored opportunities for close cooperation between the EU and Morocco in the current geopolitical context.

It also discussed the “potential of EU-Morocco relations” and opportunities for “economic integration” and “cooperation in renewable energy,” in the presence of MEPs, Moroccan parliamentarians, members of the CGEM and the European employers’ association BusinessEurope.

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