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Railways Office: Consolidated Turnover Reaches 4.57 Bln Dirhams in 2022

The consolidated turnover (CA) of the National Railways Office (ONCF) reached 4.57 billion dirhams at the end of December 2022, against 3.96 MMDH a year earlier.

For the fourth quarter alone, the consolidated turnover amounted to nearly 1.08 billion dirhams, after 1.19 billion in Q4-2021, said the Office in a statement on its quarterly indicators.

In social, the ONCF’s turnover in the year 2022 has exceeded the mark of 4 billion dirhams (4.09 billion), an improvement of 13% compared to the year 2021, notes the Office, explaining this evolution by the performance of passenger and freight activities.

During Q4-2022, the turnover amounted to 1.01 billion dirhams, against 1.11 billion dirhams in Q4-2021. The passenger activity recorded a turnover of 532 million dirhams (MDH) including 147 MDH for Al Boraq, while the freight activity posted a turnover of 407 MDH.

The capital expenditure, which is part of the continued implementation of the investment program 2019-2025, has, for their part, reached 1.56 billion dirhams (in social).

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