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Ryad Mezzour: Her Majesty’s vision is very much about respecting the environment

Casablanca hosts the 2nd edition of the International Forum of Industrial Energies today, Organized by L’industrie du Maroc magazine, under the aegis of the Ministries of Industry and Trade, and that of Energy Transition and Sustainable Development.The event knows a strong participation of industry players, and the energy, and for once again, decarbonation was the order of the day.

One year after its first edition, the International Forum of Industrial Energies opened its doors again this morning in Casablanca in the presence of Ryad Mezzour, Minister of Industry and Trade. For this second edition, the industrial and energy elite gathered again around the theme: “Decarbonization, lever of industrial competitiveness Hydrogen, Wind, Solar”.

In his opening remarks, Hicham Rahioui, president and founder of industrie du Maroc magazine, underlined the crisis which is impacting the world markets, in particular that of energy, and the imminence of the entry into force of the tax carbon. A context which, according to him, enhances the importance of this event which will see the contribution of 25 experts.

Deeming the theme “extremely important”, Ryad Mezzour indicated that faced with this situation, Moroccan industry is facing 3 major challenges. The first being green energies for which “Morocco is positioned in the region as the only investment opportunity”. Also, it is advisable to concretize this advantage and to multiply “within the next five years, its production capacity”. In this sense, he reassured on the commitment of the State, informing that the text for “Medium voltage is in fine tuning to allow actors to receive green energy in all competitiveness”.

In addition, recalling that His Majesty’s vision is very much about respect for the environment, he wanted to make it known that Morocco’s commitment to Green is much more a structural choice than a situational one. Added to this the demographic dividend which translates into an average of 600,000 young people arriving on the job market each year, and the crises which in fact lead to a redistribution of the cards in the international value chains, being the last two challenges . But for the Minister of Industry, these are indeed so many situations to be transformed into opportunities.

Strong keynotes

Opening the ball of speeches, Hassan Sentissi, the president of the Moroccan Association of Exporters indicated, on the one hand, that in the current circumstances, “it is necessary to accelerate the processes to meet the constantly growing need for consumption of ‘energy “. On the other hand, “to encourage players, it is time to put in place the necessary mechanisms to enable them to access renewables at competitive costs”.

Saïd Mouline, president of the Moroccan Agency for Energy Efficiency (AMEE), meanwhile said that “Morocco has climate commitments, and an energy bill that will exceed 100 billion dirhams this year”.

Following him, Mounir El Bari, President of the Coalition for Waste Recovery (COVAD) spoke about the opportunities offered by recycling. “We have some 26 million tonnes of waste to recover which could generate a lot of jobs and an industry,” he said. The objective on this side would be to increase the recovery rate from 15 to 30% in the next 5 years.

Decarbonization: we must take action

For the general manager of the Solar Cluster, Fatima Zahra El Khalifa, the time has come to take action, because all the ingredients are there. Which ingredients are according to her, are the sources (sun, wind, etc.), skills and expertise. According to him, it is up to manufacturers to “find the right mix and the right service providers”. She then invited them to get closer to “clusters”, saying that “Even if you don’t have money, you can install”.

This was supported by Alykhan Kassam, co-chairman of the Renewable Energy Industry Committee – Cluster Green H2, stressing that “Morocco is best placed in this energy transition”. He then demonstrated the opportunity represented by green hydrogen and invited universities and companies to join the Hydrogen Cluster.

Closing the speeches, Hamid Benbrahim, honorary president of the Group of Moroccan Aeronautics and Space Industries (GIMAS) insisted on the asset represented by youth and the exceptional Momentum that prevails.

These various interventions which constituted the official ceremony, were punctuated by the ovations of a packed room. The Forum continued with 2 keynotes and 3 panels.

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